Zezi's official publicity photo for Big Brother 9.

Zezi Ifore (born 1985) is an English DJ, television presenter and magazine editor. In 2008 Zezi presented Big Brother's Little Brother.

Personal LifeEdit

Zezi attended Alleyns, a private secondary school in London. She later studied French and Italian at Oxford University.


At the age of 18, Zezi was editor of Live Magazine and by 21 was editor of Super Super magazine. She has also written for The Metro, The Guardian and Electronic Beats.

In 2008 Zezi co-hosted Big Brother's Little Brother with George Lamb as replacements for Dermot O'Leary. However, she was quickly stripped of her presenting duties for undisclosed reasons though it is widely believed to be due to very poor reviews regarding her presenting ability. From then on, although credited as a presenter, Zezi did not present the live show, instead only being shown in pre recordings. She has not since returned to present BBLM or the Celebrity version.

Zezi also presents, again with George Lamb, Channel 4's music show, Freshly Squeezed and E4 music.

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