Eugene, Orlaith and Kinga in the Secret Garden.

The Secret Garden was first used on Day 29 of Big Brother 6, when Big Brother contestants Kinga Karolczak, Orlaith McAllister and Eugene Sully secretly entered the house, minutes after Roberto Conte was evicted. For several days, the three housemates had to live in the Secret Garden, with only Makosi knowing their existence. The Secret Garden was decorated like a jungle, and the three secret housemates were initially only supplied with fig leaves to cover only the main essentials of their bodies. This created the idea of an Adam and Eve style jungle. With Makosi's help, they had to steal clothes and food from the main Big Brother House when the other housemates were asleep, and to make sure that the other housemates did not find out about them. The secret housemates were forced to live in the garden for several days. At the end of their stay, Makosi who had to choose two of the three secret housemates to enter the main house. She chose Orlaith and Eugene, although Kinga re-entered the house after Orlaith walked out on Day 65.