Rachel Ifon
[[File:Rachel 2|250px|center]]
Hometown: Birkenhead, Merseyside
Occupation: Flight Attendant
Big Brother 11
Entered: Day 31
Exited: Day 59
Status: Evicted
Nomination(s) Received: 9

Rachel Louise Ifon is a housemate from Big Brother 11.


This chatty Liverpudlian promises to liven up the House with her love of dancing and general partying. However, she also claims that once she's in the House she may learn that she's probably not as nice as she thinks.

Her Mum is from Birkenhead and her Dad from Nigeria, and she left home at 13 to go and live with her Dad until she was 17. Rachel's from a large family, with three half brothers and sisters and one full brother and sister, and has also lived in a massive shared house with 16 people - all great experience for living in the Big Brother House.

She considers herself a risk taker as she once went to Zante to live without any money, job or friends. Her claim to fame is that she was a Pop Idol contestant in 2002 and apparently Simon Cowell wrote about her in his autobiography!

Previous jobs include working on a sex phone line and working at a bingo club, which lasted until she was sacked for being too loud and a bit drunk. She now says she loves her job working as Cabin crew for an airline but is keen to move up.

Rachel has been a born again Christian, a Jehovah and dipped into Paganism and says she is very positive and hates negative people. But at the moment she's bored with her life and wants to do Big Brother for all the typical clichés - experience and to meet new people.

The Jeremy Kyle lover is currently single and says men are disappointing. She's dating, but nothing serious. She'd love to meet the ex-housemates, and says she loved Brian Belo. She would hate any tasks in the House that involved snakes, hairy dogs or eating anything strange.

Big Brother 11Edit

On Day 41, after receiving three nominations from her fellow housemate, Rachel was nominated for eviction. The following day, Corin, Keeley and Rachel all took part in the weekly Save and Replace task. At the task, Keeley injured her ankle and the the task, and the eviction, were cancelled. On Day 55, after receiving four nominations from her fellow housemates, Rachel was nominated for eviction. The following day, she failed to win the weekly Save and Replace task and therefore faced the public vote against Dave and John James. Rachel was evicted from the House on Day 59 with 58.5% of the vote.

Nominations HistoryEdit

Rachel's Nominations History
Week Rachel's
Nominations Against
1 Not in house
5 Exempt
6 Ben,
Andrew, Corin, Steve
7 John James,
Andrew, Corin
8 Mario,
John James
Andrew, Corin, JJ, John James
Evicted, Day 59

Post-Big BrotherEdit

After leaving the Hosue, Rachel returned to her regular life.



  • In Big Brother 11, Rachel was the first "new" housemate to be eviction from the House.
  • After receiving 9 nominations, Rachel received more nominations than any other "new" Big Brother 11 housemate.
  • After receiving 58.5% of the public vote, Rachel was evicted with the highest three-way percentage in Big Brother 11.
  • Rachel and Rachael White were the first two ever housemates to be part of the same series and have the same pronunciation of their names.

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