Nikki Grahame
Nikki bb
Hometown: Middlesex
Occupation: Model/dancer
Big Brother 7
Entered: Day 1
Day 86
Exited: Day 58
Day 93
Status: Fifth place
Nomination(s) Received: 10

Nikki Grahame is a housemate from Big Brother 7, Ultimate Big Brother and as a Legendary Time Warp housemate in Big Brother 16.

She was a candidate in an online poll to be an international player in Big Brother Canada 4. She was successfully voted in and got 6th place overall.


Big BrotherEdit

Big Brother 7Edit

Nikki Grahame

Nikki in Big Brother 7.

Nominations HistoryEdit

Nikki's Nominations History
Week Nikki's
Nominations Against
1 In Big Brotherhood
2 Lea
, Grace
3 Richard,
Aisleyne, Glyn, Lea, Pete
4 Not
5 Lisa Glyn, Lisa
6 Aisleyne,
Aisleyne, Susie
7 Richard,
8 No nominations
Evicted, Day 58
Fifth place, Day 93

Ultimate Big BrotherEdit

Nikki Grahame (UBB)

Nikki in Ultimate Big Brother

Nominations HistoryEdit

Nikki's Nominations History
Day Nikki's
Nominations Against
3 Coolio
, John
7 Chantelle,
Chantelle, Ulrika
13 Ulrika,
Chantelle, Ulrika
Runner-up, Day 18

Post-Big BrotherEdit




  • "Fucking aircon!"
  • "I'm not fucking going there (screams) FUCKING HELL!"
  • "I've been disqualified!"
  • "What are you trying to do to us? What are you trying to do? Can you fucking help me supposed to get out of bed in the morning with the fucking aircon! Its a blizzard, I'm gonna catch a cold. MY FUCKING CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!! I fucking can't, It's the last two days, please stop being arseholes!
  • “Who is she?! WHO IS SHE?! WHERE DID YOU FIND HER?”
  • "I'm so cooooooooooooooooooooold! How many times do i have to tell you, I'm freezing!"
  • "It's there, where my tooth is going down. I made a hole in my cheek!

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