Luke Anderson
[[File:Luke Anderson|250px|center]]
Hometown: Flintshire, North Wales
Occupation: Chef
Big Brother 13
Entered: Day 1
Exited: Day 70
Status: Winner
Nomination(s) Received: 19

Luke Anderson is a housemate and winner of Big Brother 13.


Luke A is a 31-year-old development chef, born in South Africa but raised in Wales. Most people in his life are unaware he was born female. He explains: "My family and wife know, that's about it". From a young age he felt like "a boy in a girl's body".

He began gender transition four years ago, having surgery and regular testosterone injections. He hopes that being on the show will help to show 'trans guys' that you can lead a normal life.

Luke has been married for two years. "I knew that she was the one, I was tired of chasing girls". They knew each other about a week before he told her he was transgendered. Luke A's main hobby at the moment is the gym. "I want to lose at least another stone and have bigger guns and I want a six pack".

In the House, Luke says he will get annoyed at messy, loud and opinionated people, as well as "chavs". He also doesn't like people who don't pull their weight. He is confident that he can win. "I have a competitive streak and can be Mr. Nice Guy, quite charismatic, but I can f**k people over to get on in the House. It is a game and I plan to play it."

Big Brother 13Edit

Nominations HistoryEdit

Luke A's Nominations History
Week Luke A's
Nominations Against
Luke A
1 Not
2 Sara,
Luke S
3 Luke S,
Luke S, Shievonne
4 Luke S,
Caroline, Sara
5 Luke S,
6 Not
7 Caroline,
Becky, Caroline, Luke S, Sara
8 Caroline,
Ashleigh, Becky, Caroline
9 Becky,
Ashleigh, Becky, Conor,
Luke S, Scott
10 Ashleigh,
Luke S
Winner, Day 70

Post-Big BrotherEdit




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