Lisa Jeynes
[[File:Lisa Jeynes|250px|center]]
Hometown: South Wales
Occupation: Shop Manager
Big Brother 4
Entered: Day 37
Exited: Day 50
Status: Evicted
Nomination(s) Received: 1

Lisa Jeynes is a housemate from Big Brother 4.


Lisa is a shop manager from South Wales, who has recently completed an Open University degree in Social Sciences.

Big Brother 4Edit

On Day 46, as Head of House, Ray was the only housemate who was eligible to nominate; he chose Lisa as one of his nominations. She was evicted from the House on Day 50 with 82.25% of the public vote.

Nominations HistoryEdit

Lisa's Nominations History
Week Lisa's
Nominations Against
1 Not in house
6 Exempt
7 Not
Evicted, Day 44

Post-Big BrotherEdit

After leaving the House, Lisa lost about a stone-and-a-half. Because of this, she began to have Botox and lots of other surgery, such as a breast augmentation, a nose job, lip enhancement.



  • Lisa was the only Big Brother 4 housemate not to enter the House on Day 1.
  • Lisa is the fifth ever Big Brother housemate to enter the House after Day 1.
    • She is the third ever female housemate to do so.
  • Lisa entered the Big Brother 4 House on the exact same day that Claire Strutton entered the Big Brother 1 House.
  • Lisa is the second ever Welsh Big Brother housemate.
    • Coincidentally, the first ever Welsh housemate, Helen Adams, was also from South Wales.
  • Lisa is the oldest Big Brother 4 housemate.
  • Lisa received fewer nominations than any other Big Brother 4 housemate.
    • This is mainly due to the fact that she was only ever eligible to receive one nomination.
  • Lisa was evicted with a higher percentage of the vote to evict than any other Big Brother 4 housemate.
    • Lisa previously held the record for the highest eviction percentage ever received by a female housemate until Vanessa Nimmo broke it in Big Brother 5.
  • Lisa was evicted from the Big Brother 4 House at the soonest possibility, lasting only fourteen days in the House.
  • After Jon Tickle had been voted back into the Big Brother 4 House, it was revealed that Lisa had received the second highest percentage to return, behind Jon.
  • Lisa briefly returned to the House in 2010 for Ultimate Big Brother, in a task called "Who Is She?".

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