Lea Walker
[[File:Lea Walkeer|250px|center]]
Hometown: Nottingham
Occupation: Single mother/model
Big Brother 7
Entered: Day 1
Exited: Day 51
Status: Evicted
Nomination(s) Received: 11

Lea Walker is a housemate from Big Brother 7.


Lea is a dirty slag who went into the house claiming to be 36 but actually looked about 54. She's got humongous fake titties which can famously be seen bouncing up and down in her own porn vid she did with some dude who looked like he was stuck in the 70s with a mullet that would make Liam Gallagher cry! She's a typical airhead, she believed everything she was told and tried to be one with the younger crew, always sitting with the bitch group enjoying a good bitch about every other female in the house. A former fatty, she suffers from BDD, I believe she had a son and seemed to enjoy perving on all the guys in the house who were also young enough to be her son. She befriended Richard as he was roughly the same age as her - but then stabbed him in the back - only to go back to building bridges with him again once she realised she was set to be evicted whilst up against him. She now works as a radio DJ on some station no one listens to and doesn't appear to have done anymore porn tapes which is a shame, if any career was well suited for her it was that one.

Nominations HistoryEdit

Lea's Nominations History
Week Lea's
Nominations Against
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Post-Big BrotherEdit



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