Josh Rafter
[[File:Josh Rafter|250px|center]]
Hometown: London
Occupation: Property Manager
Big Brother 2
Entered: Day 16
Exited: Day 50
Status: Evicted
Nomination(s) Received: 8

Josh Rafter is a housemate from Big Brother 2.


Josh Rafter, born in 1969 was a property manager. Josh is a fitness fanatic who says his fitness instructor is the biggest influence on his life so far. He also admires his 89-year-old grandmother for her amazing amount of energy and zest for life. Josh says his dream job would be an international tennis player.

Big Brother 2Edit

He was nominated for eviction on Day 46, having received four nominations from his fellow housemates that week. He was evicted on Day 50, receiving 84% of the public vote against Helen.

Nominations HistoryEdit

Josh's Nominations History
Week Josh's
Nominations Against
2 Not in house
3 Exempt
4 Narinder,
5 Paul,
6 Amma,
Amma, Helen
7 Brian,
Brian, Dean, Helen, Paul
Evicted, Day 50

Post-Big BrotherEdit

Josh has since set up his own property website aimed specifically at gay people.



  • Josh is the first ever housemate to be voted into the House by a public vote.
  • Josh is the second ever housemate to enter the House after Day 1.
  • Josh was the only housemate, in Big Brother 2, not to enter the House on Day 1.
  • Josh was the first ever housemate to enter the House via the Diary Room.

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