Jack & Joe Glenny
[[File:Jack & Joe Glenny|250px|center]]
Died: Jack & Joe Glenny
Hometown: Cheshunt, Hertfordshire
Occupation: Supermarket Checkout Assistants
Big Brother 14
Entered: Day 1
Exited: Day 68
Status: 4th Place
Nomination(s) Received: 12

Jack & Joseph "Joe" Glenny is a housemate from Big Brother 14.


Chatty identical twins Jack and Joe share everything: friends, interests and even the same bedroom. They finish off each other's sentences and think it would be odd to be apart. "We're funny, we're friendly, and we're fat".

The twins are the youngest in their family and have three older sisters. Jack is not looking for love in the House, as he would be worried about the cameras and mum and dad watching. They love musicals and treat themselves to seeing one every pay day.

Jack and Joe support the Conservative party. Jack started to support them because of his dad and says: "Ed Miliband is the main reason I don't trust Labour". Richard Branson is their idol because he has done so much and, as Jack says: "he is dyslexic and now he has an island."

Jack's party trick is putting spoons under his moobs and holding them there.

Big Brother 14Edit

On Day 33, after receiving three nominations from their fellow housemates, Jack & Joe were nominated for eviction. On Day 37, they survived the public vote and Jackie was evicted from the House.

Nominations HistoryEdit

Jack & Joe's Nominations History
Week Jack & Joe's
Nominations Against
Jack & Joe
1 Not
2 Dexter,
3 Dexter,
4 Charlie,
5 Dexter,
Charlie, Dan, Gina
6 style="background:#CCCCCC;"| No nominations
7 Dexter,
Charlie, Dexter, Gina
8 Dexter,
Charlie, Dexter
9 Charlie,
Charlie, Dexter, Gina

Post-Big BrotherEdit



  • Jack & Joe were the first housemate to enter the Big Brother 14 House.
  • Jack & Joe were the second ever set of twins to enter the Big Brother House.
    • Jack & Joe were the first ever individual people to enter the Big Brother House and be classed as one housemate from Day 1.
    • Jack & Joe were the first ever set of male twins to enter the Big Brother House.
  • Jack & Joe were the fourth ever set of twins to participate in either a series of Big Brother or Celebrity Big Brother.
    • Jack & Joe were the second ever male twins to participate in a series of either Big Brother or Celebrity Big Brother.
    • Jack & Joe were the fifth ever individual people to be classed as one housemate.
  • At the age of 18, Jack & Joe was the youngest Big Brother 14 housemate.

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