Gos Gosal
[[File:Gos Gosal|250px|center]]
Hometown: Southall, London
Occupation: Chef
Big Brother 4
Entered: Day 1
Exited: Day 44
Status: Evicted
Nomination(s) Received: 5

Herjender "Gos" Gosal is a housemate from Big Brother 4.


Gos had to buy a completely new wardrobe before entering the House, as most of his clothing had designer labels on them. He had a girlfriend outside of the house, and the two had been together for more than a year. He lives with his parents, stating "It's an Indian thing".

He is passionate about food and hopes to own a restaurant one day. He loves his bed, hates traffic wardens and dreams of being able to fly. Gos once helped to deliver his cousin's baby.

Why Big Brother?: "Because I'm funny, easy-going and a great cook. I love spending time with people and I listen to them before giving my view."

Will Most Miss: Chef knives, his bed and car, and football

Big Brother 4Edit

On Day 39, Gos was nominated for eviction after receiving three nominations from his fellow housemates, alongside Nush and Ray. He was evicted from the House on Day 44 with 46.37% of the public vote.

Nominations HistoryEdit

Gos's Nominations History
Week Gos's
Nominations Against
1 Anouska
2 Justine,
3 Federico,
4 Federico,
5 Ray,
Nush, Tânia
6 Ray,
Nush, Ray, Scott
Evicted, Day 44

Post-Big BrotherEdit

Gos is now the head chef of a health club in West London.



  • Gos went longer than any other Big Brother 4 housemate having received no nominations.
  • Gos was the only male Big Brother 4 housemate to survive at least one eviction prior to their own.
  • Gos received fewer nominations than any other male Big Brother 4 housemate.
    • He received the joint third fewest overall.
  • Gos' evction from the Big Brother 4 House was postponed one day due to a bomb scare.
    • Gos was the first ever housemate to be evicted on a Saturday.
    • Gos was the first ever housemate to have their eviction postponed one day.
    • Gos was evicted from the Big Brother 4 House without a crowd.

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