Celebrity Big Brother 11 Live Final crowd.
Big Brother Miscellaneous
Description Either the last or penultimate episode of a series where the winner is announced
Appearance(s) Every series

The Final is normally the last episode of a series of Big Brother.


At the beginning of the Live Final, a small number of housemates remained in the House (anywhere from 3 to 7) after surviving numerous evictions. The public were asked to vote for their favourite surviving housemate to win a cash prize and be crowned the winner of Big Brother. Voting freezes occur periodically during the show, with the housemates finishing lower than second place being evicted and interviewed. The winner is announced and the first runner-up then leaves the house and is interviewed, followed by the winner, who is treated to a cheering crowd and a fireworks display before their interview.

Before the show's move to Channel 5, the Final was a two-show programme. The housemates finishing lower than third place would be evicted and interviewed in the first show. The third place finisher would be announced, and the show would take a half hour break before the second show. In the second show, the third place housemate would be evicted and interviewed, and the winner would be announced, with the runner-up being evicted and interviewed, and the winner leaving the House to the fireworks, cheering crowd, and interview.

Finalists Occurrences Series
Final Three 5 Big Brother 1,
Celebrity Big Brother 1,
Big Brother 2,
Celebrity Big Brother 2,
Celebrity Big Brother 3
Final Four 5 Big Brother 3,
Big Brother 4,
Big Brother 5,
Big Brother 6,
Big Brother 12
Final Five 8 Big Brother 9,
Celebrity Big Brother 6,
Big Brother 10,
Celebrity Big Brother 7,
Big Brother 11,
Celebrity Big Brother 9,
Big Brother 13,
Celebrity Big Brother 11,
Big Brother 14
Final Six 6 Celebrity Big Brother 4,
Big Brother 7,
Celebrity Big Brother 5,
Big Brother 8,
Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack,
Celebrity Big Brother 10,
Celebrity Big Brother 12,
Celebrity Big Brother 13
Final Seven 2 Ultimate Big Brother,
Celebrity Big Brother 8

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