Elizabeth Woodcock
[[File:Elizabeth Woodcock|250px|center]]
Hometown: Cumbria
Occupation: Website Designer
Big Brother 2
Entered: Day 1
Exited: Day 63
Status: Evicted
Nomination(s) Received: 4

Elizabeth Woodcock is a housemate from Big Brother 2.


Elizabeth Woodcock, born in 1974, was a website designer from Cumbria. Elizabeth loves avocados but hates smoking. Her favorite movies include Easy Rider and Dangerous Liaisons. Elizabeth has stated she adores animals and said she would miss her dog Billy while she's in the house. Elizabeth is a horse fanatic who has worked with MAFF on the relocation of animals from foot and mouth-infected areas. She stated she wanted to enter the house to see "how she would react."

Big Brother 2Edit

Elizabeth was not nominated at all during her time in the house, and only received four nominations against her throughout the entire series. Despite her popularity in the house, she proved not to be very popular with the public, only receiving 2% of the final vote to win. Due to receiving the lowest amount of votes to win the series, Elizabeth was evicted on Day 63 in a surprise eviction.

Nominations HistoryEdit

Elizabeth's Nominations History
Week Elizabeth's
Nominations Against
2 Penny,
3 Paul,
4 Narinder,
5 Paul,
6 Paul,
7 Paul,
8 Paul,
Helen, Paul
Evicted, Day 63

Post-Big BrotherEdit

Elizabeth continued working as a web designer after leaving the programme. She also travelled Europe on a motorbike to raise money for charity and has tried her hand at journalism.



  • In Big Brother 2, Elizabeth nominated Paul Clarke every week, aside from Week 1.
  • Elizabeth is the first ever housemate to be evicted in a "surprise" eviction.
  • Elizabeth is one of six Big Brother housemates (the others being Stuart Wilson, Craig Coates, Mohamed Mohamed, Kathreya Kasisopa and Tom O'Connell) that were evicted before the Final after receiving the fewest votes to win in the final-week.
    • Elizabeth was the first of the six housemates.
  • Elizabeth is the first ever person to be evicted one day away from the Final.
  • Elizabeth is one of the only three housemates in Big Brother 2 not to face the public vote.

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